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Epilog Mini 40

A laser cutter can cut through or burn objects. We offer carbon dioxide (CO²) laser cutters and the most common materials are: Paper, corrugated paper, plywood, MDF, plexiglass, leather and many types of textiles. It is also possible to burn on glass and metals (the metal must be covered with a special material that we offer so that the beam is not reflected)

Equipment use

When using a device during opening hours with other users. During opening hours, queues can form in the devices and it is important to take turns. When queues are formed, only one document can be completed at a time, then the next user is up and you move to the end of the row.

Technical information

Size:  600x300 mm

Depth:  140 mm

Files:  .PDF

Burning resolution:  75 to 1200 DPI

Radiation intensity:  40 watts


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