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Last April 18, a workshop was held at Sauðárkrók in connection with the Tæknibrú project, which was funded by Sprotajóður and has been worked on all winter. Tæknibrú is a joint project of all primary schools in the North West, Fjölbrautskóli Norðurlands westra, Fab Lab Sauðárkrókur and Sýndarveruleika ehf, which owns and runs the exhibition 1238 : The Battle Of Iceland in Sauðárkrókur.

The goal of the project is to make technology more accessible to students with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and thus directly contribute to increasing their technical knowledge and shed light on possibilities in technical and vocational studies. The project managers of Technibrúa are Karítas Sigurbjörg, teacher at FNV and director of FabLab, and Freyja Rut at Sýndarveruleika.

This winter, all elementary schools in the North West have been visited at least twice, both for meetings with administrators and teachers and presentations for students. Last April 18, a workshop was held in Sauðárkrók, where the participants got to know the diverse uses of virtual reality technology in the building 1238 in Aðalgö

tu in the early afternoon, and in the afternoon they went to the FabLab and Fjölbraut (FNV), where the students learned about lasers, learned about the basics of programming and went on a tour of the vocational part of the school under the guidance of students.


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