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Markforged Mark II

The leading way to create parts that compare to the strength of aluminum in your computer. The Mark Two carbon fiber composite 3D printer enables engineers to create tremendous value for their business.

Equipment use

When a device is used during opening hours together with other users.

During opening hours, queues can form for the devices and it is important to take turns.

When queues are created, only one document can be completed at a time, then the next user is allowed and you move to the back of the queue.

3D printing is always paid in advance.

3D printing is always the responsibility of the user, and therefore the costs of projects must be paid for even if they fail.

3D printing can take a long time and many people who want to get to the printers during normal business hours.

The price list is based on projects that take less than 5 hours.

Longer projects need to be discussed separately with an employee.


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