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Circuit and micro controllers

Fab Lab Sauðárkrókur in collaboration with Farskólann and FabLab Danmark just held a class in circuit and micro controllers. We got a guest teacher from Denmark, Hans Peter, he is an electronic engineer.

He went over the design and making of circuit boards, the design of codes for sensors, the reading of data and their transfer into numerical understanding were covered. It was also reviewed how this reading can be transferred to output components such as motors or lighting in an Arduino environment. How to design and collect this data in the Windows environment of C# was also covered.

It will be possible to download all the data related to the course on the website under teaching materials.

The course was well attended, it was attended by FNV students and entrepreneurs from the north, and we look forward to seeing what exciting ideas will be implemented after the course. Good luck on your journey to Hulduland, Ísponica, Rækta MICROfarm and Textilsetur Íslands.


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