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Fab Lab og FNV

Takes care of running the workshop's premises as well as its cashier duties. Good cooperation has resulted in numerous projects that are worth listing.

The workshop in collaboration with FNV is a participant in Erasmus+ 4.0 Industry, a collaborative project between 6 countries where production processes are being recreated in spirit

the fourth industrial revolution.

FNV and the Icelandic Film and Television Academy have entered into an agreement for the school to build Edduna, and it has been branded with the laser in the workshop.

The FNV student association has used the workshop to make a play, for the theme of the Year's Festival and to offer courses on Open days.

The workshop was the point of contact when an expert from Belgium was brought in to provide continuing education in CNC technology for the teachers of the school's metalworking department.

The workshop has been active in welcoming groups within the school as well as those who come to visit the school and has given them the opportunity to get to know its activities as well as to have a go at the various projects. Guests have come i.a. from France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Italy to name a few.


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