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A giant computer-controlled wood cutter that can cut into all kinds of materials but not metals. Very accurate in cutting and three-dimensional milling.

Equipment use

NOTE: To be able to use the cutter, you must have completed a safety course. It would be desirable to have knowledge of laser cutters or similar production equipment in order to be able to book the course. The course covers safety, how to manage it and how to handle it.

The software we use to prepare documents for the milling machine are VCarve and Fusion 360.

How to set up VCarve to work on your own computer: We have a special version of VCarve that allows anyone to work on their own computers without paying for the program. To enable it, you need to get a trial version of the program. Once the program is installed, open it and go to "Help -> About VCarve Pro -> Enter Makerspace ID" and enter the code.  


Technical information

Cutting surface:  2750x1500x180mm

Files:  .SBP


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